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Sorry, Arche3, I hope your son does well in whatever he wants to do.
How can I forget something that only happenned 55 years ago? I still remember the fire across the street in 1955, when I was 6.
I still remember careening down the hallway on my red wagon at age 4, before kindergarden.
90's exponent, for those of you who don't play school sports in junior high, was the old way to separate the big kids from the little kids, in this case, both trying to make the school basketball team. They assign a number to your age, your grade, your weight, and your height. Most varsity basketball (talking 9th grade, junior high) players were taller than 5'9", and usually heavier than 130 lbs. How's a little talented tyke to compete? I represented the students in every faculty vs student basketball game (usually on rainy days) since 8th grade in Bball. I was smaller than most 7th graders. Tough luck.
So, 90's are for little tykes, or 8th graders, who probably would play for the school the following season, but like JV in football, they aren't quite there YET.
When I got to 9th grade, I played unlimiteds, started small forward, at under 5' and less than 90 lbs. Although I sucked at scoring, I averaged 17 rebounds a game for 8 games against other junior highs.
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