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I haven't hit or seen other than in pictures the new blade so I wouldn't know. The pro stock blade plays a bit softer in the head than the retail one, I found the retail one a bit harsh and unforgiving personally, but that could have been how it was strung and that it was so much lighter?

What has become very apparent in the past few weeks is that racquets with the same overall RA or flex can flex in different places and play and feel very differently. A racquet with a stiff head and flexy throat can have a very small sweet spot but heaps of spin, where are a racquet with a more overall uniform flex has a bigger sweet spot but less pop?

How one racquet with flex 64 can be an arm buster and another that flexes at 64 feel lovely and soft is I guess the art of laying up and constructing racquets and it is up the individual to try them and find which one works best?

All I can say from my recent experiences is that choosing between the h22 open and closed pattern, pro stock blade in open and closed pattern and h19 closed pattern is very difficult, they are all outstanding racquets in my opinion in different ways but at this stage I'm leaning towards the h19 for the additional pop on serve, tough call though.. It somehow feels more connected on serve, the flexier h22's I sort of feel I have to wait for a bit on serve and I feel I have to hold back a bit on serve where as the h19 I can just throw the ball up and hit it as hard as I like? Bear in mind that these racquets are all 27.5, this wouldn't be helping that. I think the 27.5 makes the h22 feel more flexy due the weight in the beam?

I'm going to flex all of them hopefully on Saturday, very interested in what the h19 will come up with against the others.

On another note, got my Prince RTC yesterday and my h19 is 337 grams strung with an overgrip and a dampener, swing weight 366. Please bear in mind that I'm playing on slow clay..

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