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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
I swear it's like some of you people just started watching tennis yesterday. People have ALWAYS gone after Nadal's backhand. Always. ******* did not discover a thing that Nalby and Davy didn't figure out years ago.

And I highly doubt a player as good as Fed would take 8 years to figure out to hit to Nadal's backhand. That is just sheer lunacy.
I don't understand why you would make that comment. I clearly said Federer, not anyone else.

I know you think what you think, but watching the matches tells a different story. Federer has NEVER abused Rafa's backhand as much as Rafa does his. Federer hits the ball all over the court, whereas even shotspot during their matches shows like 80% of the balls end up to Rogers backhand.

I am not calling him ********, or unable to adapt - I just think with an 18-10 record maybe he should watch back some tape and switch it up. Who else has beaten Rafa on all 3 surfaces in the same year? (Djokovic, a few others maybe?) It isn't like he isn't good enough to win. Almost all of their matches are close.
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