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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I still question your baseline only mentality, and maybe pushing a little too.
If you're reaching forwards into NML and decide to extend the point, you are leaving yourself either backpeddling back to your baseline, OR, you move forwards into net position off a weak rallyball.
Neither is a good option. Speed or lame.
Anyone who backs up after moving to NML, hits a rallyball, is susceptible to DTL at where he was, wide CC to force a backpeddling player to move sideways, or drop shot right where you should have been, since you're backpeddling away from the net.
You're giving him 3 easy options, all 3 of which makes you look awkward and kinda not strategic.
Smart ploy off any short ball. Attack it DTL first option deep, move to service line and splitstep.
I'm looking to see if anything above is accurate.
I'm not ever suggesting pushing and no way a BL only no.
If I'm extending the point from NML, it is a way better decision than trying
an aggressive attack that is low percentage. If I extend the pt, they have to
do something very good to beat me, but taking a low % attack just gives away
free points with missing no.
The idea with a safe is to hit so you are not caught in transition, but even if
you do get caught a bit, it's a better position than no.
Not giving any easy options, but even if that was so, it beats missing due to
a silly attack attempt missing and it also beats standing in NML, which opens
up just about no.
If attacking any short ball was the best option, likely at least one pro would do it
and it would make him a star. No pro even attacks every 3rd short ball, much
less every short ball. All pros play "safes" at times, although due to their skills,
they have a strong answer in most situations. Most rec players should be
more picky since they have less skills to call on.

I know some players with limited mobility have to play more in NML to enjoy this
great game and that is fine. It's just not good mainstream advice for the avg player.
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