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As luck has it, all the courts at the local place are booked solid until Tuesday, and the only alternative is extremely expensive. Oh well, I need to test these guys out AND keep practicing, so I'll suck up the pricing.

I'm excited to try the Volkl, but I really am curious to see if it has the added easy power I'm looking for? I liked with the Prestige S that I could decide how I wanted to stroke the ball every time. The light weight and free power lets you swing a bit slower and put more into spin rather than pace. With my Dunlops, you need a complete stroke every time simply because there is just so much momentum. If you try to slow down the swing, you end up fighting the racquet. I found this same thing with the Prestige MP (the same thing as with the S, the good thing that is) and I quite like that. One, it lets me play only as intensely as I want to, and two, it gives more control over how much is velocity and how much is spin. With 5 racquets to demo, that is one trait the new frame must have.
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