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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
Samsung moved in because Epic Sports International bought the license at the top of the market and couldn't make any money on it in the 'great recession'.

The reality is that Samsung is into clothes in America, but not sports gear, but the labels could be a vehicle for sports clothing as well as racquet goods.

So this is a new departure for them, but the reality is that product development is in Switzerland and they did all the logistics so it makes sense at some level for them to do it all.

If there's any money in it, that is.
All the product development of Voelkl Tennis racquets is in Bogen, Germany. With the headquarters being in Solana Beach, California under the control of Epic Sports.
Now Marker Voelkl International (the ski company that owns the Voelkl name) produces skis in Straubing, Germany with the headquarters being in Baar, Switzerland.

You confused the two companies. Unfortunately Marker Voelkl only licenses out the Voelkl name for tennis racquets and collect the royalties. They have nothing to do with racquet developing, marketing, or logistics of tennis racquets since about 1999.
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