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Originally Posted by Mig1NC View Post
Drak, do you think gut/poly will work well in this frame? I don't hit hard enough to really take advantage of full poly but am really excited about this new stick.
I think a gut/poly hybrid in this frame would be simply incredible, and the spin potential would be even higher than full poly. Only problem is the question of durability and costs.

Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
Great thread,'re making that a habit. I am a little mad now that I pulled the trigger on a couple of Warriors. Doesn't Prince have a like string pattern coming out? Does anyone know?

I personally have always liked more open string patterns and looks forward to demoing these new patterns when they come out.
I think you'll love this frame, considering you enjoyed the o-ports frames.... I believe the Black???

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I believe some players will get less pace and penetration from this racquet.
I think players will actually get more penetration, as evidenced by the height trajectory shown in all the playtesters data. That said, I do think the average mph will be lower.

Remember, not only does this racquet create more spin, it also creates more lift over the net, resulting in deeper shots.
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