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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
Yes, product development is in Germany but I presumed it was under the control of Makler Volkl in Switzerland.

That's where I went wrong.

So its disappointing to hear its under the control of Epic Sports, although their parent website continues to insist that the asset has been sold.

So there is some lack of clarity about your clarification.

Who is doing the product development in Bogen and who owns that company?

If it is ESI is that the same company that Amincor disposed of?

And what is Samsung C&T's role if ESI still owns product development?

What precisely is the relationship between Samsung, ESI and the company in Bogen?
The facility in Bogen, Germany developing tennis racquets is a asset of Voelkl Tennis. If Samsung is now the licensee then its now under their control.
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