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Originally Posted by Bash and Crash View Post
Saw Dennis Kudla's sticks and they said 336g with swing weight of 298 on the custom label, took photo but didn't come out. Seemed pretty light sw.
Those are unstrung. Add strings and overgrip and you've got over 330 SW and something like 355 grams mass.

On the case of pros...even if they use the "lite" model, there's no way of knowing if they haven't been heavily modified unless somebody gets measurements of the ACTUAL sticks they use, not just the "model".
Vantage 95, 63 flex : 337 g, 32.8 cm, 341 SW, testing various 1.35mm+ gut mains / Gosen Polylon Polyquest 1.24 mm crosses @ 25 / 23.5 kg.

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