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Originally Posted by PaulMan View Post
Monkey, how is the Silver's upper hoop response? Interested to know if it's basically a slightly stiffer, lighter, more powerful & less HL Gold I had liked a bit last year.
what you said.

i demoed the gold as well. silver is lighter and more powerful. kinda surprising power with a HUGE sweetspot. also surprisingly comfy. i had full poly bed in for a week and zap just strung em up with black magic/maxim touch hybrid and they play soft. i'm missing a lot of spin compared to tour bite though.

i find upper hoop response with the silvers are great - especially compared to my old exo3 tours which were dead in the upper hoop and why even one gram at 12 oclock made a huge difference in playability. i hit high on the stringbed so this contributes a lot to whether i find a racquet powerful or not.

i also have the customization kit and i like the stick stock but found it for dubs to be a bit too even balance. i liked it best with the 10 gram buttcap and strung up with one overgrip and the donnay vibe damp - it's 330 grams dead even.

i got two of em and you are always welcome to demo them. shoot me an email.
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