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Originally Posted by blastforehand View Post
I am not a big believer in "feel" as having much to do with shotmaking, since the ball is gone from the stringbed long before any feedback from the hand can reach the brain, much less analysis of such feedback performed by the brain and sent back to the hand or arm.
I find this quite interesting simply because it's 100% true. I think that feel is rather you being able to get the sensation of what JUST happened on the stringbed rather than what is happening at contact. The reason that's very important is because it lets you know exactly how well your input correlates to the output. You put in a dink, you get that same amount of dink out. You put in a flat drive, you get a flat drive out. If all of these yield different tactile sensations, then you have much greater confidence going to hit any given one of them. If you instead get a dull thud on both a serve and a volley, then you really don't know how much to put into a given shot. When the stringbed relays exactly what just happened differently for every type of shot you may want to hit, then that's a great quality to have. This is my definition of feel, and on that note, I'm going to make a thread about it.
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