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Originally Posted by smoledman View Post
The thing is getting those 3000 points at the end of 2011 helped him get the #1 ranking back by July but was always his undoing as far as the YE#1. Too tough to defend those 3000 points with all the matches in his legs now. Even if he did, Djokovic would probably finish #1.
Djokovic has been healthier all season, and his year end ranking will reflect this. For me, Fed's undoing was getting injured in Madrid. This led him to decide on playing in Rome in order to accumulate points -- which he did -- but meant that come crunch time in the semis there and at RG he just couldn't get to top gear. A healthy Fed would likely have beaten Djoko at RG since the problem there was physical ailments which prevented Fed from holdng onto breaks and closing out his sets.

Fed was wise not to play T.O. since at age 31 he probably faced the risk of injury, but it meant that Djoko could stroll to a MS 1000 win without any serious competition.

Subtract the 1000 free points Djoker got in Toronto and you significantly change the complexion the YE race.
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