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Originally Posted by hhollines View Post
"Just can't win a grand slam on the women's side grinding."

We don't know that and that's my point. Obviously the game has changed a lot over the past 20 years since Chris Evert won many majors as a grinder but to say it can't be done is to overlook the fact that we don't expect women to perform like men and that's flat wrong. We don't expect them to be in top condition like the men and that's flat wrong (Stosur hits a man like topspin forehand and did win a major and took our Serena). It takes incredible conditioning to do what someone like Nadal does and we just accept as fact that women can't do it hence why they play a flatter game.
They players I mentioned as grinders have come real close to winning grand slams having made the finals generally losing to either Serena or Maria but that doesn't mean they can't or won't win a grand slam.

We expect to little from the women and it's too bad. I've watched the evolution of women in basketball. When I played Div. I, they looked mechanical and today, many women move and play like the guys (they don't jump as high but they are smooth, fit and in exceptional condition). But, in tennis, we just don't expect that from women and it's too bad. Not everyone can play like Sharapova, Serena, Petra, etc. (not everyone is big/tall/strong).

I think it's flat wrong to say a grinder can't win a grand slam on the women's side when they've already reached the finals & semi-finals of majors. And, furthermore, if the measuring stick is grand slams, that list is very very very small. And, if you take a grinder like Carolyn W. and just add a few dimensions like the ability and confidence to volley and move a tad bit closer to the baseline, it could make all the difference. If women developed a stronger second serve (most young junior women have awful service motions but we let it go and never address it b/c they aren't strong enough to hit a platform serve for example); I don't agree.
I just dont see a women winning a grandslam playing defensive or grinding. I think to win a granslam today you have to take it not wait for your opponent to miss.
Even on the mens side what looks like grinding is not.Those guys like Nadal are knocking the cover off the ball. Wozniaki just doesnt play to win all the time she plays too defensive to win a grand slam.Same problem Monfils has.If Monfils would be more aggressive off the ground i think he could win one.I just think the in the future the women winning grand slams will be attacking every ball.
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