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I played for many years with the old pro staff 6.1 classic white butt cap, and switched several years ago to the microgel pp after a lengthy demo process. I have owned various successors to the original 6.1 including K- and Hyper- 98s, but none were deemed sufficient feel wise to replace my originals. The new 6.1 95 is supposedly flexible, but I just did not like it--I can't put my finger on what it is I don't like--certain hits were a bit harsh for a relatively flexy racquet--it may be that the swingweight is too low. I have also play tested the new ps 6.1 100 and didn't like it--soft stringbed but boardy--feels like the old white head speed--.

One thing to consider if you are leaning towards the pp is that the new PP IG is heavier than the older microgel version from the factory and the weight while still about 6 points hl is more evenly distributed. Basically what this means is that if you are wanting more of a polarized set up for spinnier shots, to get that effect you are likely going to have to go significantly over the 12.2 oz factory strung weight, which gets heavy, or trim off some of the guard and/or change to a lighter grip.

With the microgel version of the pp which has a similar feel to the IG with its lighter from the factory weight, you have some flexibility as to where to customize weight and balance.
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