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Default American kids need to reverse the ratio in their development...

Originally Posted by MarTennis View Post
is a player who prefers baseline play, is confortable with receiving power and counter punching until an error is forced or an unforced error by him or his opponent occurs. They do not serve for aces, nor do they return regularly for forced errors or winners. Ultimately, they earn the grinder status by their forecourt skills or mostly lack thereof. If they by pass opportunities or do not recognize opportunities to move forward because of confidence, preference or lack of skill, they are a grinder. Grinders can pound the ball or push in my book. It is their unwillingness to move forward and attempt to pressure opponent that defines the style for me.
...if we don't get the ladies and even some the American men serving like Serena, let alone practicing the serve in a way to raise their game, stick a fork in the whole thing. World class ladies serves suck, mostly. If we as Americans can't see that opportunity on our own hard courts to shore up our serves, then might as well just pack it in.
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