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Originally Posted by hhollines View Post
"I just dont see a women winning a grandslam playing defensive or grinding. I think to win a granslam today you have to take it not wait for your opponent to miss."

We may have different definitions of "grinding." Nadal absolutely grinds out victories playing a lot of defense and counter punching (of course, he can hurt you if you make a mistake) but if you study the history of Nadal he played a lot more aggressive (flatter shots) prior to 2004 and made a switch to more spin and consistency and it's worked out pretty well (way more buggy whips post 2004) . . . and, after 2004, many more grand slams since that switch . . . as an example, go back and watch say the 2004 match against Lleyton Hewitt . . . a very different Nadal from back then.

It will be done (again) on the women's side and it will be the all court player than can grind and play defense and is very strong mentally like Martina Hingis. She surely did not overpower Venus or Serena and I watched so many of those matches as she would be very consistent and would use all the angles (and wasn't scared of the net) and would get everything back and drive Venus and Serena nuts. Radwanska would have done it but for Serena pulling it together in the 3rd set. Hence, my point with Carolyn W. is if she could add a few elements like working the angles and incorporating the volley (net), it could change her game dramatically.

As for the platform serve, I didn't say it was better necessarily although I look at the best servers of all time in Sampras (and Federer) but the point is it takes strength to hit the platform serve hence why many females go to the pinpoint b/c you can hit it harder with less strength but that's my point, we don't try to develop strong and fit young female tennis players.

Basically, we do nothing different and the results show it. We don't test assumptions; we don't question the past; and we (in the US) just keep doing it the same way and expecting different results. We are not striving for excellence. The player development system is broken but we'll keep doing the same thing I'm sure . . .

I'll move on now but I wanted to clarify my point (position).
Please keep posting on this board.I really enjoy reading your post. You obviously know a lot about tennis.I agree with you on a lot of your points.
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