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I know this whole international player issue has been debated ad nauseum here on these boards but I had this week some VERY interesting discussions with a new pro we just hired. My club just brought on board this past month Merideth Walton who was the head coach at William and Mary for the past 4 years. In her view the main reason we have so many internationals is lazy coaches, it is an easy fix and now with many coaches themselves from overseas the first inclination is to get the foreign kid.
When I brought up this whole issue of Americans not wanting to play at the lower D1 or any D2 or D3 level due to lack of prestige she bluntly stated BS! Yes some top top players who don't get offers at USC or Stanford or UGA...etc would balk at "settling" but she said from her experience there are many many more kids who want to play and get an offer at all the levels. It's the coaches themselves who reach out for the easy fix and bypass the American player.
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