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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
When I brought up this whole issue of Americans not wanting to play at the lower D1 or any D2 or D3 level due to lack of prestige she bluntly stated BS! Yes some top top players who don't get offers at USC or Stanford or UGA...etc would balk at "settling" but she said from her experience there are many many more kids who want to play and get an offer at all the levels. It's the coaches themselves who reach out for the easy fix and bypass the American player.
About 6 years ago, one of the top doubles teams in the country on the men's side was from Middle Tennessee State. Later, they got John Peers from Australia, who spent his last year at Baylor and now is doing well as a pro, especially in doubles. Anyone who thinks that MTSU could do as well recruiting domestically is out of touch. It is not just the top few recruits who turn their noses up at the likes of MTSU. The #50 recruit in the country does not want to go to MTSU in a typical recruiting year, and John Peers et al. proved to be a lot better than the #50 recruit in their recruiting classes.

Yes, you are right, this topic has been discussed endlessly on these boards, and part of the reason is that one side of the discussion talks in generalities and does not give concrete examples. I look forward to a list of all the 4-star and below recruits who have been as successful as Peers and Siljestrom from MTSU. Do we get one example a year? One example every five years, or every ten years? If you can sign a 4-star and "coach him up" to the level of Peers or Siljestrom, then where are the examples?
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