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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Power Player.....
W O W !!
I thought you were a confirmed heavy racket, moderate head light balance guy.
I used to be, using 12.4 oz rackets for 3 years, and mid 11 oz LMRads before that, but I"ve found I can play better more often, especially tired, with a 10 oz Aero500, some weighted, some not. And now playing once every other week, it's just plain easier, allowing me to strategize and think while I play, instead of just trying, unsuccessfully, to contantly hit a heavy ball.
Yeah i have been forever..its crazy. But i have gotten leaner and dropped weight. Notice in third sets that my serve just gets harder and harder to execute.

Played in oppressive heat last week with a 329 strung up racquet and could serve big even while i felt wiped out..huge difference..the key is a more head heavy balance and a healthy swingweight. Dont think i could play with a light stick that is too head light
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