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I carry a lot of liquids with me when I play a serous match. I feel like I almost died once (my body did not want to retain water) so now I mix gatoraid and water, about half and half.

I take at least 96 oz. of liquids with me if its just one match. For every concurrent match I take 50% more. 2 matches: ~150 oz. of liquids.

Cases of bottled water from Costco.
Cases of bottled gatoraid from Costco.

I do about 1.5 bottles of water (24 oz.) per 16 oz. of gatoraid.

Um, if its "beer" I take 6, 12 oz. cans, or 2, 33 oz. cans. If I need more than that, people are usually offering lol.

Also, make sure you take water/gatoraid if you do this... if you start to feel weak or dizzy it might be wise to lay off the beer for a bit and drink some water/gatoraid.

I would advise against drinking alcohol in matches, especially at high noon, and where play isnt "casual".

EDIT: I dont "chill" my water/gatoraid. I just stuff them all inside my tennis bag. A "tour" bag or "12" bag will hold 4 rackets + everything else you'll need.

I only chill my beer. lol.
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