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Originally Posted by Homeboy Hotel View Post
Roger beating Rafa at Windrian Wells!

What went wrong a couple weeks before at the Grand Slam - Australian Open?
Nadal got to him again and Roger didn't have the stamina(mental more than physical) maybe if he took the 3rd set tiebreak it might have been different. But I remember Federer dominating Nadal in the first set til Nadal hit a couple of good shots and got Fed in trouble on serve, then Fed hit the panic button, started playing the wrong shot, coming in off a poor shot etc, got broken and was back on serve. Somehow he won the tiebreak, but Nadal went through a patch of hitting some insane passing shots and defensive returns that landed just in and it gave Roger that sinking feeling again. Nadal probably would have come back down to earth if Federer could have stayed positive and Fed could have tested nadal instead of fading away.

Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
I swear it's like some of you people just started watching tennis yesterday. People have ALWAYS gone after Nadal's backhand. Always. ******* did not discover a thing that Nalby and Davy didn't figure out years ago.

And I highly doubt a player as good as Fed would take 8 years to figure out to hit to Nadal's backhand. That is just sheer lunacy.
Federer must know to go to his backhand, the thing is he's stubborn and a bit foolish sometimes, and probably a bit arrogant I'm sorry to say. I've had computer games where I've discovered I can win by exploiting one tactic again and again. It almost felt like cheating, but what the hell, I want to win, more power tome for discovering this. In this way Nadal will mainly hit to Fed's backhand all the time. He doesn't care if it's an "easy" strategey. I don't mean this as an insult, because in this way Nadal is smart. He has a system, he uses is because it will nearly always work pretty well. Against other players he will do different things, but against Feddy he has a plan and there's no need trying to go out of your way to play in a "nice" way.

Guys like Djokovic and Davydenko are not as talented as Federer and probably don't really care about how beautiful their tennis is. I get the feeling Federer wants to win the way he likes to play. He doesn't want to play a shot over and over, he wants to mix it up. The problem is, he often gets close to beating Nadal playing that way so he maybe feels the answer isn't to change his game, it's just to play his game better. Sadly most of the time Nadal is a bit too good mentally.

Fed knows what to do, he just struggles to break out of habbit on court. Nadal can be like this too.

Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
I seriously cannot wait for Nadal to play Rosol again and beat him. Then maybe these silly Rosol comments will finally taper off.
I'm glad you for once are confident of Nadal beating someone he will crap on Rosol from a great height. The Rosol hype is bloody ridiculous.
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