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Originally Posted by cork_screw View Post
What I would do is I would demo the same racquet but in stock form. For example just demo a youtek prestige mp or whatever it says. Or just borrow one. Strip it with grip and all. See if they are similar or different in anyway. Most of the older stuff have pallets that are printed by head to indicate what serial number they are associated to. I do know there's a lot of cons going on, on Stringerforum where people are just putting their own little placards and saying they are pt57 whatever but they are something else. This could have been placed by the seller and he's just selling a ton of these this way. I do think that Head would put something on there to identify which racquet is which just in case they get mixed up and need to be stripped down to id them. I don't think they would rely on some index card cutout like the one shown, but I am not sure for certain, just try to get a hold of the same pj in stock form and look for any differences.
Agree 100%, YT Prestige MP is a fine stick, I own a pair and love "em.....I also own a prostock PT630 paintjob - there is no comparison in how they feel. Perhaps it is the twaron, I don't know but the prostock is a cushy butter "thonk" when a tennis ball is hit squarely....

Hit a retail YT Prestige MP, you will have your answer in 5 minutes.....if you have a paintjob PT 57A it should be a very different feel to the hit. Otherwise it might just come down to whether you think the seller is trustworthy or not......

Curious why it has i Prestige MP cap on it?
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