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Originally Posted by Eugene Choi View Post
So if i feel better i have a duel this saturday, should i play or not?? Also tnxs about the sciathia facts ill keep it in mind
Listen to your body and rest if you can
I developed scatica down my right leg and still tried to play my twice a week games.
I couldn't sit without pain, I limped and had this numbness down my right leg, I went for physio for a year but still played and never got better,
Long story short I had to stop playing tennis and it got better, but I started to lose interest as I couldn't go all out and now 10 years later I back but playing weekly now
Played three matches this year and felt a bit of tightness,
The thing I have to watch out is my serve, I arch my back and twist too much.
I developed a pinpoint rather than a platform footwork, as I feel I have better stability for my spine.
Next I make sure lower body moves into the court, my feet have to leave the ground so there is no resistance in the lower back when I swing my arms.
In my pinpoint stance, I either move my right foot in front of my left foot, or I move my left foot baCk to my rig foot, and hop into the court with my upper arm serve motion
This puts zero strain on my back.
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