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Originally Posted by JT_2eighty View Post
I'm using ToughGut 16L. Mosquito Bite is only an 18 gauge (1.16mm), and I'm using the blue version (some say different colored strings of the same gauge/type can play differently). This was compared to CoFocus gold 1.18
I'm using the same set up- Tough Gut 16L mains and MB crosses. I have not tried the blue MB but I am using the white color one. I do like this better than just about any other set up.
I just tried another set up just recently. It is the same Tough Gut mains 16L and Mamba Discho Iontec 1.25g crosses (black). I think this has a great feel and softness as well.
I am doing a side by side on the above two string combinations. They have about 4-6 hours on them so far.
I am so-so with the MSV Co-Focus crosses. It seems with even a slight mishit the string bed is jarring. Even with the gut mains in it.
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