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Originally Posted by hrstrat57 View Post
Just looked at one of my chinese retail YT Prestige MP's vs my prostock frame, the channel extends further than the retail stick exactly as pictured by aimr75.

The cap grommet on my 2 sticks is flush with the area, the channel is not visible at the end of the cap grommet as it is in aimr75's pics.

I believe "MG" refers to microgel prestige MP in his post btw.
Ok thanks for clearing that up. As mentioned before i have a bag full of wilson sticks, all types but mainly T90's and K and Blx Blades and the sound from the Head stick is unlike all my other's. Your previous explanation of the sound you get from the PT57a or PT630 in your case is a good description of the sound i get, so the more people post their own experiences with this racket the more confident i am that its the real deal.

I understand Head changed from having the racket name PT57a, TGT/TGK etc stamped in the throat to being placed in a more secretive postion i.e. under the pallet to try avoid and ultimately make it harder for people like us (i.e. this forum in general) knowing that the pro's really play with. Afterall the tennis racket market is nothing but a con. However i just wish Head would have kept the pro stock rackets identification in the throat because everytime i mention to other players i know that i have a pro-stock racket i have nothing to show that it really is one and your made to feel as though you have to prove it.
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