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Originally Posted by retrowagen View Post
Yes, it's easy to spot the Elliptics made in Ried im Innkreis (Austria): they have three pairs of mains going through the bridge, not four (the later Chinese-made), and the Austrian ones are tapered beam frames (21mm at top, 25mm at grip). All are 98 square inch (630 cm2) heads, with 16x20 pattern.
Are you sure the early Elliptics were Austrian-made? I have three as mentioned above (graphite, kevlar, and ceramic) and all mine say "Designed in Austria" on the side of the throat. All have three pairs of mains through the bridge. The grommet on all my Elliptics is a flouro green colour (only in the bridge).

Do you know who Nicole Durr is, by any chance? Did she work for the Fischer Ski division mainly? Her name pops up on all my Elliptics, "Nicole Durr design".
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