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All 3 of them are deserving. If Nole wins the WTF then it is without question. If Andy wins, then he'll have 3 of the "big ones," but his year hasn't been nearly as consistent, and he has no M1000 titles unless he wins Paris, and even if he does win Paris I'm not sure. In Roger's case, it's quite impressive he's even in this discussion at his age. I don't mean to sound biased, but the truth is, that's the tiebreaker for me. Novak should be #1 right now. There was no way he was going to replicate 2011, but he's done very well. He perhaps should've won more than he did. Federer has done things this year that a lot of people didn't think he could, myself included. I knew he could win a slam, but getting back to #1 was another matter. Couple that with his general motivation to win 500's and 1000's, and that's even more surprising.
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