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Tennis tater....sorry I missed your earlier post. Never got an email notification of a new response on the topic, for some reason.

Re the first questions, yes, that would've been a possibility in my mind. If I see a chronic injury site, the problem could be ANYWHERE in the body. The body really does work as an integrated unit, with strings of muscle and fascia connected in such ways that a mispositioned left shoulder can cause problems in the right calf, for example. If I were looking at you, my goal would be to try to very precisely figure out what is your body NOT doing that it should be doing (dysfunction), and then what is it doing in compensation that it should not be doing in order to deal with that dysfunction. Then we go after that dysfunction.

Re the second post, yes, each book is very different. I wouldn't go to the videos, I'd go to one of Pete's books. I would agree the videos are more appropriate for someone who is out of pain and just looking to maintain and strengthen. Pete's first book (Health through Motion) is the one I recommend for people wanting a bit more technical understanding of how Egoscue works and how we look at the body. If a PT or trainer is wanting to learn more about what we do, that's where I send them. If it's a 'layman' just wanting to understand more why they hurt and how to make it better, I'll send them to Pain Free.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.
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