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Originally Posted by No1e View Post
Nole 1 W + 2 F + 1 SF
Murray 1 W + 1 F + 1 SF + 1 QF
Nadal 1 W + 1 F + 1 Rd 2
Fed 1 W + 2 SF + 1 QF

It's clear that Djokovic has done much better than anyone else in slams.
Everybody knows this, and even though the slams are obviously the most important events on the calendar, they are not the only ones. Murray has the OG, Federer himself won a silver, and Novak did not win a medal, we also don't know about the WTF yet which is an event trumped only by the slams. It could be called the "indoor" slam for all intents and purposes. There is also the point that if Roger or Novak can win Paris, one of them will finish with 4 1000 titles, and the other will finish with 3. Novak has had the most consistent year. Nobody disputes that, but it's far from a consensus that it's been the "best."
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