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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
So far Black Magic feels absolutely awesome as a gut cross with only 2 pounds of overall tension loss.
Hi PP,

I seem to remember (when we were both hanging in the PD Black Drive Fan thread) that you've used Gut/Co-Focus. How does Black Magic (as a cross for gut mains) compare in terms of comfort, spin? I tend to use the available lab testing just to whittle my demo choices down to a small pool of options. If not for Drakulie's comments about Black Magic "it enhances the feel of the gut, instead of deadening it" I would have completely overlooked it, as it sits right about in the middle of the pack in terms of poly stiffness according to the USRSA 2012 string selector digits. Is it one of those situations (and I've had lots of them myself) where the lab data just doesn't line up with what you feel on the court?

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