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USTA Releases Collarini

I received a brief statement from the USTA today regarding the announcement over the weekend
that Andrea Collarini would return to representing Argentina after nearly three years playing under the US flag.

"Andrea has asked that he be able to represent Argentina again.

We will release him.

We wish him all the best."

I followed up with a question regarding any repayment of grants, etc. that Collarini received while training with the USTA

and I was told he would not be required to provide any reimbursement,

and the paperwork releasing him to Argentina is being sent to the ITF.

End of Zoo article.

Collarini words about life under Boca's USTA PD -
........the U.S.T.A. “pays me everything,
meaning that they are now providing financial backing for his touring of the junior and pro circuit.

So glad that he this young man who hid no fact where his loyalties lies gets to keep all that "pays me everything" $

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