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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
So i'm currently deciding on which is sweeter, the performance, the 3 points, Mata showing the overrated Walker up to set up the 4th, or seeing how the bitter Villas-Boas deals with the hammering. Tough choices!
Walker is overrated and Chelsea looked like champions although we shall see against Utd. From a neutral standpoint, the blues are great to watch.

I think Hazard was a bit surprised mike Dean let them play the way he did. Hazard is used to getting spainish style fouls with minimal contact. Dean did call it both ways though.

Cheleas def deserved the points but a huge let off for Bale and Dembele not to play. Ivanovic must have been relieved. Spurs just don't have enough quality to not have there their top 2 not playing. Huddleston and Sandro just not up to the mark and I wasn't aware that Gallas was still on the Chelsea
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