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Originally Posted by 10s4US View Post
I was reminded again of the ALREADY reduced opportunities for nat'l play
'when i was asked by a students parent what tournaments to play to get nat'l points to qualify for a national B16. I had to say all you can do is play locally. Maybe get in a regional 3 an
The kid just aged up isnt ranked high enough to make 32 Nat open or Winter Nat draw. Playing local designated wins gets you 1 point in Level 5
2 points in a level 4. We're in a strong section, tough to get semis when more points kick in. The kid is a 5* in TRN !!! who won rounds in B12 Nat Opens,
B12 Nat Champs. He was a 33-64 player cut out of the B14 Nat opens, never got enough points for Nat Champs.
The 2011 changes and 2012 point changes already have blind sided 50% of the National play opportunities/participation.
some of which could blossom into a top player.
This parent sent me your petition which I forwarded.

The Petition serves as a documented mandate for US to have input to amend changes

Now we all await some response from USTA as to amends if any.
We are still waiting for a response from the USTA if they will listen to the outpouring from coaches, parents and juniors.

Meanwhile, if it is his first year aging up, he might miss out. Sorry, it definitely hurts junior's development to miss that year.

But, and I know if you are a coach, you might not want to give this advice as it directly affects your business,
but I would recommend playing HIGH SCHOOL TENNIS, especially in California.

Unfortunately, a lot of coaches discourage the kids from doing this as it directly hurts their pocketbook when a boatload of kids go to play high school tournaments instead of coming to their academy.......

I think it is a huge conflict of interest where I am seeing coaches actively discouraging kids from playing ( for free at high school practice) so they can come to the academy and pay.

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