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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Hi PP,

I seem to remember (when we were both hanging in the PD Black Drive Fan thread) that you've used Gut/Co-Focus. How does Black Magic (as a cross for gut mains) compare in terms of comfort, spin? I tend to use the available lab testing just to whittle my demo choices down to a small pool of options. If not for Drakulie's comments about Black Magic "it enhances the feel of the gut, instead of deadening it" I would have completely overlooked it, as it sits right about in the middle of the pack in terms of poly stiffness according to the USRSA 2012 string selector digits. Is it one of those situations (and I've had lots of them myself) where the lab data just doesn't line up with what you feel on the court?

Jack..yes so far this is the best feeling setup i have used. I have about 2 hours of hitting in, and off the stringer it has dropped from 57 to 53. So the tension loss so far is better then cofocus. The feel is also better, as black magic has incredible feel for a poly string. I still like cofocus, but as for right now i would pick black magic over it since it simply plays better for me so far. It is a very controlled setup that is extremely comfortable, yet the ball feel is absolutley perfect. The blx blade has some nice power, so to control it more i string at 60/55.

The other thing to add is that while some people say the bm dies really fast, i find that i get 8-10 hours out of a full job. That should easily equate to 16-20 hours which is what i need out of gut poly in an 18x20 pattern to justify the cost.
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