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One gay has: 3 slam finals (1 won) + Sf 5.120 points
6 master finals (3 won) + Sf + Qf 5.340 points
Tennis is about slams and maybe masters and he has 9 finals 2 Sf and 1 Qf from 13 tournaments.
and only 15 tournaments!!!

Other guys are not near it with 17,18 tournaments. 2-3 more than Nole.
Federer: 17 tournaments 9165 points
Murray 18 tournaments 7510 points
Nole 15 tournaments 11410 points

How much hard work they need, and still no near the champion.
Olympic gold medal could be the reason to proclaim player, sportsman of the year, but in country for which he won the medal. In tennis world, slam final is way bigger than Olympic gold.
1200 points : 750 points.
Any how, between tennis fans, all arguments for player of the year, are valid - age of player, country proud, color of eyes, etc.
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