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Originally Posted by PED View Post
Walker is overrated and Chelsea looked like champions although we shall see against Utd. From a neutral standpoint, the blues are great to watch.

I think Hazard was a bit surprised mike Dean let them play the way he did. Hazard is used to getting spainish style fouls with minimal contact. Dean did call it both ways though.

Cheleas def deserved the points but a huge let off for Bale and Dembele not to play. Ivanovic must have been relieved. Spurs just don't have enough quality to not have there their top 2 not playing. Huddleston and Sandro just not up to the mark and I wasn't aware that Gallas was still on the Chelsea
Originally Posted by NickC View Post
ABV said it didn't get to him, but I think rest assured he was ****ed about that performance. I know Mata will give him nightmares the next time he goes to sleep.

3 points is nice too
Well, it was the little comment before the game about how winning the title with Porto was a bigger achievement than Chelsea winning the Champions League was that said it all. What a strange comment that was, bit of karma working there I think.

Same for Walker, he hacked down Ramires on a break and said "I got the ball!", either he's soft upstairs or not quite sure on the laws of the game. What was he doing when Mata was off the pitch and he smacked the ball at him? It was immature and made him look stupid, for the second time in the game. Why would you do that and rile up the best player in the League so far this season? I have to admit, seeing him caught way out of position for the 3rd, then watch the 4th go in after Mata left him on his *** was sweet.

I also enjoyed Mikel performing a 720 degree pirouette around the Tottenham midfield in the first half

I thought Di Matteo was outstanding this week, the way he handled the press about Terry before the game was perfect. His tactics and team selection was once again spot on, the midfield he picked, meaning Lampard was left out turned out to be a great decision. Same for the 3 behind Torres. Out wide was one of the places I thought they could hurt us, people were thinking Bertrand would of started but he went for the more attacking approach and it more than payed off. He's really got the whole team defending from the front and chasing after everything, opponents defence have no time on the ball (Oscar has been key to that I think).

Will be interesting to see how he gets on with the tricky away game in Europe, then Man Utd next weekend. Even if the great start falls away, Di Matteo really does deserve a huge crack at the job over the next few years, hopefully Abramovich knows this.
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