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All the major records are held/broke by Federer.

Most of the major records are held by Graf/Martina/Chris.

There's simply no comparison between Federer and Serena(to their respective tour).

To say Serena is a goat if she reaches 20 slams is like saying Fed at 12 slams is ahead of Sampras.
Sampras's slam record is not a phony mark tainted by a serious asterix. Graf's slam mark and Court's slam mark both are so it is not the same. 19 or 20 slams would be the true mark anyway considering the phony knife or Australian Nationals based marks of Graf and Court. To say Serena is goat with 16 slams would be like saying Fed at 12 slams is ahead of Sampras, and most Federer fanboys said Federer at 12 slams was way ahead of Sampras anyway (including you I am sure).

Anyway Federer's 16 slams should not be regarded as the true mark. Laver, Gonzales, Rosewall, all won more combined amateur and pro slams than that, and all would have won more than 16 had it been Open tennis then.

Anyway prime to prime everyone knows Serena would rip Graf, Evert, or Court a new one. Only peak Navratilova would maybe be able to hang with Serena on grass and hard courts.

Who cares what you think though, your opinion doesnt matter. Many experts and fans are already calling Serena the best ever, and if she were to reach 20 (heck even maybe if she doesnt) virtually everyone will call her the best ever. Your refusal to accept that means nothing.

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