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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Guys still take slams seriously, and everyone can enter those slams. By the end of the year, the top players can only enter the YEC, and by that time many (with already a ton of tennis played under their belt, nursing some injuries and are more battered and bruised) are just looking forward to next year and a bit of a break.

Surely you can't think a tournament at the end of the year means as much as a slam in the beginning of the year?
It is all the more special because the entry is far more select. You need to earn your spot in the WTF by being one of the best players for the past year. That makes it special.

And your last line doesn't make much sense to me. Nobody said the WTF is as important as any Slam. But you seem to be suggesting the AO means more than Wimbledon or the US Open just because it's at the start of the year.
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