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I've always thought that Graf's RG title count has been inflated. Prior to Seles's stabbing she hadn't won the RG title in 4 attempts since 1988, with 2 defeats in finals to Seles. Then she went on to win the title there in 3 out of the next 4 years. In 1995 in particular she won RG title after an injury layoff and no tournament practice on clay. Really Martinez who had completely dominated the clay court season let her off the hook in their semi-final. I can't imagine Seles being as generous as that.

Now I'm not saying that she would have struggled to win RG again or anything even if the Seles's incident hadn't incurred, but I don't she think she would have gone on to win another 4 titles there after 1992.

Seles won 3 consecutive RG titles in and dominated the toughest clay court field in women's tennis history I would say.

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