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Saying Serena is the GOAT now is as ridiculous as *******s saying he was better than Sampras when he had 9-12 slams.
*******s said Federer was better than Sampras when he had 4 slams. I dont know what your point is. I agree Serena is probably not the GOAT yet. Note I did not put her #1 on my list. However if she reaches 20 slams (and I expect she will) she definitely would be the GOAT IMO. Are you disputing if she reached 20 slams she would: 1. be regarded the female GOAT by almost all, 2. be worthy of that. Also the fact is many experts and past champions, including some female GOAT contenders themselves do call Serena the GOAT even now. The truth also is Serena is already setting some marks of her own:

1. Tied for most hard court slams, likely to break soon.

2. Most time from first to last slam. Only player to win slams both in 3 different decades, and in her teens, 20s, and 30s.

3. Best Olympic record of any player ever.

Not to mention while subjective the general feeling from everyone is that Serena's peak level of play and general level of play is higher than any women in history. Had she gone head to head with any of Navratilova, Evert, Graf, Court, she would have a winning record, and only Navratilova would come close. One just has to watch the Graf-Serena matches from 1999 when neither were in their prime, but Graf much closer to hers than Serena, and see how while they split and each won one 7-5 in the 3rd, Graf was forced to scramble, scrape, and defend almost exclusively how tough a time Graf would have containing anything close to prime Serena's power, shotmaking, and game.
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