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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
I think Graf might have still ended up winning 2 more RG titles for 4, 1 more AO title for 4 (she was unbeatable in her form at the 94 event even if Seles is usually superior at AO), 2 more US Open for 4, and still been considered the GOAT by many today with her 4 for 4 slam record. However she would not have 22 slams, 18 or 19 at most. On the other hand Seles's would likely have a better record than Graf at both the Australian and French today, a similar or better record at the U.S Open, a similar or better record at the WTA Championships, a higher standing all time on all of clay, rebound ace, and possibly even decoturf and carpet, and likely been the best player of the 90s over Graf considering Graf was already 4 slams behind and her performances from 93-96 indicate the only year her being able to be #1 over Seles was 1996. Graf of course was not the best player of the 80s, which would leave her no decade to call her own. So even if she had more career slams than Seles and a more complete record due to Seles's likely always marginal at best Wimbledon record, her status as even the best player of her own era, let alone all time would be in serious question.
I agree with all that. Of course not even the most ridiculously biased Seles fan is going to argue that any of Graf's post stabbing Wimbledon titles have an asterisk next to them (Seles or no Seles Graf was always going to dominate Wimbledon). At the US Open she would have the edge over Seles on that surface, although I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest that the Seles who improved her serve before she was stabbed could have beaten there.

But 4 more RG titles was a real stretch. Graf of course was an amazing player on clay, but the fact that she has twice as many RG titles to her name as Seles doesn't feel right at all.

I do wonder how many other female tennis players in history could have beaten a peak Seles on clay. Hardly any at all I would say.
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