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Originally Posted by Mike Sams View Post
Nadal the natural dirtballer going back to what he does best. Only 4 non-clay Slams, 5 non-clay Masters, zero non-clay tournaments won in 2 years and counting and NEVER defended a non-clay title in his entire 10 year career. Nadal...the natural dirtballer. He can keep winning on his beloved clay but he'll never be as great as Sampras or Federer until he starts winning several more non-clay Slams. He has no chance in hell of ever winning a non-clay Masters by the looks of it. Nadal fluked the USO. Got a dream draw and a tired Djokovic in the final to secure the career Slam. No more non-clay Slams for Rafa. Dirtballer belongs on dirt.
Sorry, this is Bill Shmidt.

I'm not the biggest Rafa fan but respect him as a threat on any surface. Calling his US Open triumph a fluke is a low blow and simply inacurate. The guy was in form and out-physically played Nole. He also put on a great show in the 2011 final (even though he came up short to God Mode Nole)

Nadal is a pure player. He can and has won on every surface.
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