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Originally Posted by Mike Sams View Post
******* the natural hardcourter going back to what he does best. Only 1 non-hardcourt Slam, 3 non-hardcourt Masters, zero non-hardcourt tournaments won in going on 2 years and counting and NEVER defended a non-hardcourt title in his entire career. *******...the natural hardcourter. He can keep winning on his beloved hardcourts but he'll never be as great as Sampras or Federer until he starts winning several more non-hardcourt Slams. He has no chance in hell of ever winning a non-hardcourt Masters by the looks of it. ******* fluked Wimby. Got a dream draw and a declining Nadal in the final. No more non-hardcourt Slams for *******. Hardcourter belongs on hardcourt.

Fixed it for you,Mike Shams.
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