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Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
hardcourts are the most prevalent surface in big tournaments. it's not surprising Djokovic has won so many titles on it. How many clay events does he play a year, 3, 4? Two grass events? It makes sense he doesn't have many titles there.. but Nadal has come up far short on the most common surface for a guy who is considered one of the best.

Doesn't matter. According to the resident Tennis Warehouse Geniuses,if you can't win on ALL surfaces,then you are a one dimensional mug. ******* is not exempt from this Rule if Nadal isn't,no matter how many hardcourt tournaments there are compared to clay or grass. If anything,he's lucky he's a hardcourter,or else maybe he wouldn't have won as much since his best surface dominates the tour.

It also proves that each player has a surface that suits them best. It just so happens that *******'s best surface is the most prevalent while Nadal's isn't. Nadal has also been more successful outside of his best surface than ******* has been outside of his.
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