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Originally Posted by asked_answered View Post
Here's some forehand practice from this morning where I tried to hit with more power (and generally aimed crosscourt):

Hey bud, nice hitting!

I work on the ball machine lots myself, and I find here's a few things that might help you.

1) The ball machine isn't a replicate for a practice partner, so I utilize it as such. What I do is up the pace by about 20% more then what you are doing now, and slow it down roughly 10%. I use the ball machine as something to groove stroke mechanics with, not wind myself. Give yourself enough time to really set up between shots hitting with proper mechanics. Nothing is worse IMO then rushing when you don't have to. (Even in matches I try and do the same thing. Give lots of time if possible!)

2) You're hitting fairly closed stance on most of your forehands. Nothing wrong with that (Berdych is the same way) But I find it a lot easier to get loads more pace with a more open stance. Obviously you won't get to a full open stance all the time, but hitting a more semi-open stance would help on getting that inherit power. Not sure if it's something your comfortable working on but once I switched over to that, it REALLY upped my power potential from leg and core rotation. Plus, bending the knees up's it as well.

Happy hitting! (Once I get a video done up, I'll send it your way! )

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