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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
Grades from a home school don't mean much. All the kids I have talked to are above a 3.5, many at 4.0. The key measure to compare is the SAT. The average home school score is 1065, math and reading. Stuyvesant 1400. Laurel Springs does not say what its average SAT is except to say it is over the national average. That is consistent with the 1065, which is over the national average.
A few questions:

1. Does Stuyvesant have entrance requirements? Do they have a cross-section of students, who would otherwise have scores at the national average, but by the time they are finished at Stuyvesant their education has stimulated them to have scores of 1400? Or do they have admissions requirements that guarantee that they will score well above the national average, precisely because they are not a cross section of the student population?

2. Do you know what the SAT measures, and how much it is influenced by high school education and how much it is independent of high school education?
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