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Originally Posted by Freak4tennis View Post
Yea man I feel ya. Hey one question I got wrong on that test which Deit probably got right. This one really got me man.

If 4(x+y) (x-y) = 40 and x-y=20, what is the value of x+y?
I don't know, but Deiton emailed me the answer "0.5" and asked you to check it out.

Originally Posted by Freak4tennis View Post
Oh wow, I got this one wrong too. Hey man please try to get the big man to get this for me.

A small company has some free movie tickets to distribute to its employees. If each employee gets 5 tickets, there will be 15 left over. If 5 employees will receive 7 tickets, and none will be left over. How many tickets does the company have?

Whew dude that one was rough, can you get the big Deit to help me.
Deiton emailed me that this second problem is an ill-formed problem with no solution.
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