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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
When I was reading more about Collarini, I came across this paragraph...

It happened this year in the case of Sean Berman, who reached January’s Australian Open boys’ final. The USTA, which funded Berman for several years, declined to offer his immediate release when the South Africa-born Berman declared his intention to play for Australia. “We would not release him because we had given him direct financial support,” Curry (USTA spokesperson) said.

How did this ever end with Berman, who was not American born, did the USTA recoup their money?
Don't know details about Berman. For Collarlini, I read somewhere that he was born in the US but grew up and trained in Argentina. Followed his coach, got invited to train at USTAPD.
He most likely has a dual citizenship. If he was not selected for the USA Davis cup team, going back to play for Argentina will give him a chance to play that high level Davis cup ( instead of no chance here).
If he is also American, how would you penalize him? Same thing like penalizing USTAPD kids who will go play college instead?

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