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lol, what ?

henin was clearly no 1 in 2003 - she won the FO beating serena and clijsters
she won the USO beating capriati and clijsters

she also made the SFs of AO and wimbledon ..

don't even start with that serena was the best player , because she coudn't even play that many matches and she did lose @ the FO to henin
LOL at the end of 2003 EVERYONE considered Serena as still being the best player, and in fact Venus as 2nd best. Henin was now considered the best on clay, that is it. Henin did deserve the #1 ranking since both she and Serena won 2 slams, and Henin played a whole year, but if you think she was considered "best player" at years end you are delusional, just as you are delusional on so many things. All through the U.S Open the commentators repeatedly mentioned "Venus and Serena, the 2 best players in the World missing." Until Henin beat Serena or Venus on any non clay surface, something she had NEVER done in her career to that point, nobody was going to consider her the best.

Serena until she was forced to miss the rest of the year with injury after Wimbledon had been clearly the best on hard courts and clearly the best on grass, Henin came nowhere close, and in fact Serena was much closer to her on clay than Henin was to Serena on either other surface. Based on that she was still clearly the best player in the World with no argument for Henin, the #1 ranking for Henin yes, but that doesnt always equate to best player.

when henin was no 1 in 2006 - she won a slam and made finals of the other 3 and won the WTA championships, win record of 87%
Mauresmo was considered the best player at the end of 2006 since she won 2 slams to Henin's 1 and beat Henin in the finals of both. Henin arguably deserved the #1 ranking, but Mauresmo was considered the top player of the year.

So just like I said the only year Henin was considered the best was 2007. Hingis was considered the best player in 1997, 1998, 1999.
This despite that the field in 1998 and 1999 was much better than 2004, 2005, and 2006, all which Henin failed to claim stake as the best player in the World.

in 98, she was #2, behind davenport , her record was one win, 1 final, 2 sfs and win at the wta championships, a 82% win record ... still quite clearly inferior to henin's 2006 ....
I have no idea whatsoever how Davenport ever ended 1998 at #1 since Hingis had better slam results- Australian Open winner, French Open semis, Wimbledon semis, U.S Open runner up vs Australian Open semis, French Open semis, Wimbledon quarters, U.S Open Champion, performed better all year across various surfaces by far (Davenport had the best year on hard courts), and won the WTA Championships over Davenport as well. Davenport managed to win only 1 more tournament (6 to 5) which clearly does not compensate for her inferior big event performance. Davenport's results at the end of 1998 in no way indicated her as the best player over Hingis overall, despite her #1 ranking.

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