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Originally Posted by Matt21 View Post
Have you used any of the other Yonexes (past or present)? Any other mids? How do they compare to your current Bio100 and what is your setup (stock or modded)?
Because this is a thread for Yonex VCT 89 I suggest you read my brief review about Bio100 here.

About the setup, I've changed my Bio100's grip to Gamma leather and add an overgrip, no lead tape; now it weights about 340+ gr strung (I forgot the exact number). According to TW specs it's quite similar to VCT89, and perhaps it also brings Bio100's SW close to VCT89; not sure though.

From the data gathered by TW, the main different between Bio100 and VCT89 is their power level. VCT89 is more powerful on every part of the racquet, especially at its outer part. From there I think VCT89 is a much more forgiving racquet than Bio100.
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